Sunday, February 15, 2009

7 Steps Formula to Positive Thinking

Attitude and thoughts do not change overnight. Positive or negative thinking is a habit. Although changing the way you think is a simple process, it takes time and practice.

If you really want to change negative thinking to positive one, here is a 7 steps formula:

Step 1: Read about this subject, think about its benefits and persuade yourself to try the 7 steps formula .

Step 2: Use your imagination to visualize yourself in the position you want to be.

Step 3: Give yourself positive affirmations, daily. Believe me it works. In a future post I will explain you how positive affirmations helped me.

Step 4: Become aware of your thoughts. If you find yourself thinking negative things, stop immediately. Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.

Step 5: Always consider any failure as a learning experience, and an important step toward your next success. There is something good within failure.

Step 6: Look for positive people to associate with.

Step 7: Keep a list of your goals, positive thoughts and actions.

Reasearch shows the benefits of positive thinking: decreased negative stress, better coping skills during taft situations, easier breathing, a sense of well-being, improved outlook, better relations, more chances to success, better results than the drugs and more long-lasting benefits. If you practice positive thinking you believe in yourself and your abilities, you see negative events as minor setbacks to be easily overcome, and positive events as evidence of further good things to come. You also take more risks and create more positive events in your life.

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