Monday, March 9, 2009

Lifestyle changes may improve stress-related physical symptoms

Here is the case of my friend Nina. This case indicates that stress-related physical symptoms may be improved through lifestyle changes.

Nina was a married young woman with many stomach problems (upset stomach, pain, cramps). She had many problems in her marriage. Her eating habits were bad (junk food). She had no time for herself. She had visited a dozen of health professionals, had all the tests done, and all the possible medication taken, but there was no improvement. Finally she decided to take the situation in her hands.

Ten months ago she made three major lifestyle changes:
1. She moved out of her marriage home, away from her husband. Guess what? Her stomach situation improved. She also mentioned me that she experiences problems with her stomach only when she has to contact her x-husband.

2. She changed her eating habits. No more junk food, no more fats. She has the time and the will to prepare healthy tasty meals. She has also kept a diary to discover foods provoking stomach upset.

3. She began a regular exercise and fitness program. Now she looks great, slim and fit.

Her conclusion is that her stomach problems improved through lifestyle changes.

If you experience problems with your stomach, try Nina's approach:
  • Reduce stress in your life.
  • Keep a stress diary to find sources of stress.
  • Solve or avoid any stressor in your life.
  • Relax. There are many relaxation technics.
  • Keep a regular exercise program.
  • Keep a diary of your eating habits and discover foods provoking your stomach problems.
  • Drink fresh water or fresh juices not cola-type drinks.
  • Eat healthy meals prepared at home, not junk food.
  • Live and enjoy your life.

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