Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The vicious cycle of stress/anxiety 2

The good news with stress and anxiety vicious cycle are that you can turn around this cycle to create a positive cycle that will help you overcome stress and anxiety. This will lead to increased comfort zone, improved sense of confidence and better quality of life.

Key point 1: the way you think.
There are too many types of negative thoughts: "I am not able to beat my anxiety and I will never will", " I must avoid this situation", even worst " I am going insane", or " I have a serious disease", "I am the only person on earth with this problem" or "I am going to die". Your fears, the way you feel now, leads to unbalanced, negative thoughts. So challenge these thoughts with more balanced ones, refocuse on positive and constructive thoughts. Relabel troubling symptoms as a surge of adrenaline. You won't get crazy and you won't die.

Key point 2: the way you act and react to triggers and situations.
It is very difficult to tackle your biggest fears first. A better approach is the graded exposure to triggers. Expose your self to uncomfortable situations gradually, then work your way up to more difficult and challenging ones. Increase your comfort zone, build your confidence.

Initially you will be more anxious-which is normal. Changing the way you think and the way you react, challenging your fears, adopting new habits: these are not easy tasks. There are relievers that will help with your increased anxiety: breathing exercises, relaxing music, massage, beautiful scenery, etc.. By doing all these changes in a structured and repeated way, soon you will experience a decrease in physical symptoms.

By now you have increased your comfort zone, you have built your confidence, you have experienced a decrease in physical symptoms. You are feeling better, your copying abilities are greater, you can face triggers and situation in a more positive way.

You are feeling less stressed and anxious.

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