Monday, December 22, 2008

Issues with stress signs and symptoms

Have you noticed something very interesting?

Talking about stress signs and symptoms, many people find that when they are not thinking about stress or their symptoms, they feel well.

My friend Paul has breathing problem for about three years. He yawns often and has to take these really big breaths to feel like he is getting enough air. His doctor told him that his problem was stress/anxiety.

Three months ago we were talking about stress. Paul told me that he found when he is not thinking about his breathing problem, he can breath fine. Paul also told me that during a working day or when he is distracted by various activities there is no problem or just minor breathing difficulty. Once he starts to think about it, the problem arises again, especially when he goes to bed.

After my conversation with Paul, a couple of my friends- suffering from stress/anxiety problems- assured me about his findings. We all concluded that this problem is like a vicious circle. When the symptoms begin to feed off each other, the situation is getting more difficult, you start to worry more and the symptoms are getting worse.

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