Monday, December 8, 2008

My experience with physical stress signs and symptoms

Here is my experience with physical stress signs and symptoms.

Last year during a period of 2 months I was experiencing major stress signs and symptoms. I was experiencing dizziness and a sense of fogginess. I had a constant fatigue, tired eyes, and tense neck and shoulders. It was not a vertigo or any other motion type dizziness. It was like an outer body experience. My blood pressure was low too. I was working, driving but my dizziness was a bad constant feeling. My low blood pressure was my main concern.

I was wondering about my stomach. Could it be gastrorrhagia? You know hemorrhage from the stomach that leads to dizziness and low blood pressure allthough I couldn't notice any blood loss (being vomited or passed by stool)?

I also noticed that my symptoms were worsening after stressful situations. I could describe my situation as a vicious circle: my dizziness was provoking stress and my stress more symptoms. My dizziness was worsening after coffee, sweets and chocolate consumption.

Finally after a deep assessment of my situation I realized that my dizzines, was definitely stress related. In fact my problem was posttraumatic stress after an earthquake event near my town.

My conclusion: stress may provoke physical symptoms. The symptoms may mimic symptoms of other problems. You may think that you suffer from a disease (I was concerning about my stomach), but the problem may be stress. Indeed, stress symptoms can affect your body, your thoughts, your feelings, and your behavior.

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