Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sources of stress/anxiety signs and symptoms

With all these stress symptoms ruining your life, you have probably tried many things: drugs, stress relievers, relaxing methods, but the problem is still present. Before you decide that there is nothing YOU can do about your situation, think about...

Have you considered that you haven't check your daily routine or your lifestyle? You feel lightheaded, you suffer from stress/anxiety related headaches or stomach problems or shortness of breath or tight throat etc. Which is the most important step towards a stress symptoms free life?

The most effective solution is to find and address the source of your stress or anxiety.

How can you find the source of your problem?

Ask yourself:
What do you worry about most?
How stressed out do you feel now?
Are there any constant thoughts, concerns, fears on your mind?
Does anything in particular make you sad?
Which are the different stresses you experience during the day or week?
How do you handle any stress situations?

If you have no answers to these questions, or the answers aren't crystal clear, then you should try keeping a diary of your daily activities, experiences, thoughts, events. Keeping a stress diary is a useful way of identifying those things that cause you stress, how much stress they actually cause you, how your body, mind, behavior react to stress. You can also discover a pattern of some kind in your life.

How can you keep a stress diary? Next time we'll discuss more about stress diaries.

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